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Engineer Inspecting Gas Line

Inspection Services

Teays Valley Engineering offers a variety of inspection services for our clients.  These services include inspection of compressor stations, metering and regulation sites and industrial facilities.

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Code Compliance

TVE can evaluate for code compliance for NEC, NFPA 70E and hazardous area classifications.

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Site Specific Inspections

TVE can evaluate compressor stations, metering and regulation sites, and industrial facilities.  TVE offers site design recommendations and site deficiency/hazard assessments as well as PLC cause and effect chart  with I/O verification. 


Client Standard Adherence

TVE can help ensure that contractors adhere to published company specific standards.

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Gas Leak Detection

TVE can perform a station evaluation for gas leaks in gas analysis equipment and all instrumentation tubing connections.


Lighting Assessments

TVE can perform a lighting assessment survey and provide a written list of deficiencies and recommendations.

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Maintenance Schedule 

TVE can provide a maintenance schedule based upon site specific components and conditions, as well as provide a written routine maintenance plan.

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