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Dishwasher Servicing

Maintenance Program

Teays Valley Engineering can develop a custom maintenance program to assist our customers in asset tracking and compliance.  TVE can maintain records for customer devices and equipment, logging model numbers, serial numbers and calibration schedules, as well as end-of-life equipment replacement schedules.  TVE can perform scheduled maintenance of all devices, with detailed documentation provided to the customer.

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Analyzers and Instrumentation

TVE can perform scheduled maintenance of gas analyzers and sampling systems, including filter maintenance, mirror cleaning, and functionality verification.  TVE can also perform regular calibrations and verifications of devices.

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Remote/Backup Power Systems

TVE can perform scheduled maintenance of backup generators, solar systems, and UPS systems, including battery tests, system voltage checks and verification of backup system sizing.

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Electrical Systems

TVE can check both AC and DC electrical systems.  Checks include lighting assessments, heat trace checks and review of proper equipment safety warning signage (e.g. voltage, multiple voltages, arc flash labels).

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ESD System Testing

TVE can perform regular scheduled maintenance of ESD systems and provide documentation of testing.

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Firmware / Software Updates

TVE can download firmware and software updates for RTUs, PLCs, HMIs, and modems, including new security patches.

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Site Assessment

TVE can perform a site assessment to include asset tracking, labelling and tagging of equipment, device health, and catalog site hazards.  TVE will provide a maintenance calibration schedule and end-of-life device replacement schedule.

Power Maintenance

TVE can perform regularly scheduled maintenance on your High Voltage Switchgear.

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