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Electrican's Tools

Electrical Contracting

Teays Valley Engineering has a team of electricians and laborers who are experienced in conduit routing, conduit bending, trenching, cable pulling, electrical device installation, fiber optic installation, and a multitude of other electrical contracting tasks.  Our technicians are trained and certified and work closely with our engineers and designers to ensure that all equipment is installed, terminated and connected per engineering drawings.


Conduit Installation

TVE has electricians and technicians who are experienced in routing, bending and threading conduits.  TVE provides our customers with a neat, correct and code compliant installation.

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TVE has experienced technicians for instrument installation, calibration and troubleshooting.  These technicians have decades of experience installing, calibrating and troubleshooting a variety of instrumentation.



TVE has personnel on staff with experience installing a variety of power system needs, including H-frames, power drops and AC/DC power installations in buildings.

Fibre Optics

Fiber Optic Installation

TVE can design, install and test fiber optic systems and networks.



TVE has technicians to terminate wiring at the control panel and at the field instrument. These technicians have decades of experience with terminating power, instrumentation and communication wiring for most any application.



TVE can provide engineering/design  and installation for various sizes of solar power for backup battery applications.

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