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Project Profiles

TVE provides engineering services to a variety of business sectors.  Below is a small sampling of successfully completed TVE projects.  


West Virginia Legislature
Video Wall

TVE was tasked with designing, fabricating, and installing a voting system PLC with true LED video wall screens from Planar. TVE designed and built an Allen Bradley PLC cabinet and developed a program to tally votes for specific representatives. These votes were displayed in color on the front screens to show: not voted, Yay, and Nay status for each name.

These full color true LED screens can display over a million colors and show multi-media content. Two additional side screens were added to display bill information as well as any other inputs the legislature wishes to display.  This project replaced the existing voting and display equipment and made their system much more functional and robust.

Flow Computer Upgrade pic 1.jpg
Flow Computer 1.webp

Flow Computer Upgrades

This project replaced the existing RTU, 24 volt power supply, and networking equipment at multiple natural gas measuring stations.

TVE completed the upgrade of many stations over multiple years for this client, each station being unique. Custom software programming was provided for each based on site-specific configurations.

TVE designed an RTU to fit the client's existing enclosure.  Station downtime for these upgrades was typically hours, not days. The construction crew worked on multiple fronts, simultaneously, to minimize the client's downtime.


Gas Chromatograph Building

This project involved the design and construction of a portable building to house a gas chromatograph analyzer and associated equipment. 

In this project, the customer requested gas detection inside the building that automatically starts the exhaust fan, turns off the HVAC, and lights a warning beacon.  This project had a very successful completion.

Tomato Farm 3.JPG
Tomato Farm 2.jpg
2023-09-13 12_59_53-VANDALIA GROWERS BUFFULO GREENHOUSE REV A.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Pro (32-

500,000 Sq. Ft. Lighted Agricultural Building with Headhouse

This project involved the design of the electrical infrastructure and distribution to control the grow lighting in a large 11.5 acre building.  An attached building with additional lighting and equipment loads were designed.

This project is currently under construction.


Custom RTU/DC UPS Cabinet and M&R Site Integration

TVE has been designing and installing flow measurement and related controls at several client sites.  TVE combined the flow computer, communications, and DC UPS/power system into one cabinet. These units can be made for classified areas if needed. Work continued in 2021 to complete installation and commissioning activities at these sites.

Shown above is the interior of a couple of control panels that were being commissioned when the pictures were taken.

Networking Project Pic 1.jpg

Networking Project

These multi-year projects were to install new telecommunication equipment for multiple sites. Site assessments were made to determine the best choice of communication between satellite and cellular, after which a design was made for the most cost effective communication setup.


Lightning suppression equipment was installed between the antennas and the new cell routers.  Omnidirectional or directional antennas were installed as required.


A new communications enclosure was installed, containing redundant cell modems/routers and industrial network switches.  Communication cabling to the existing RTU was installed and the communication system, as a whole, was tested.

TVE has completed major network upgrades for cybersecurity, replacing hardware and verifying communications at over 350 client sites.

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