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Electrical Circuit

Testing Services

Teays Valley Engineering offers a variety of inspection and testing services for our customers.  These services include wire/motor insulation testing, signal testing, loop and point to point testing, as well as many other services.


Loop and Point to Point Checks

TVE can perform in-field loop checks and point to point checks per customer drawings and standards.


Signal Testing

TVE can evaluate and test signal strength for both fiber optic and telecommunications systems.


Wire & Motor Insulation Testing

TVE can perform megohmmeter testing of both conductors and motor winding insulation.

Testing 4.jpg

Grounding Testing

TVE can evaluate earth grounding connections and can provide soil resistivity testing using fall of potential methods.

Testing 5.JPG

ESD System Testing

TVE can provide routine ESD testing per company requirements.

Testing 6.jpg

Gas Analysis Verification

TVE can provide analyzer verification against known standards for H2S, H2O and O2 analyzers. TVE can also verify gas chromatograph readings against published calibration standards.

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