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Electronic Wires

Panel Fabrication

Teays Valley Engineering has a full service panel fabrication shop.  TVE can build panels from existing customer drawings or custom engineer panel systems in-house, using our own engineers and technicians.  Panels designed in-house are custom built using client approved drawings.  Panel build examples include RTU panels, Station PLC Panels, ESD PLC Control Panels, Compressor/Pump control panels, Communication Panels, Fiber / Network Panels, Lighting Control Panels, Heat Trace Control panels, DC UPS panels with battery backup, and HMI control consoles. 


RTU  Panels

TVE builds RTU panels based on  specific customer needs.  TVE has experience with Thermofisher (AutoExec and AutoPilot Pro), Bristol, Eagle, Roc, and ABB.  These panels can be integrated with DC UPS systems in the same cabinet and meet hazardous area classification requirements.


PLC Control

 TVE can custom design PLC control panels for compressor stations, motor control units, lighting systems, process or chemical plants, and automation control systems. These panels can have HMI screens at the unit or in remote locations, all of which can be daisy chained for larger control room operations.


ESD Panel

TVE can design ESD panels consisting of remote stop buttons or the panel can be automatically activated by certain cause and effect events using the client's existing cause and effect matrix. Gas and flame detectors can be integrated, as well as level and pressure switches.


Fiber - Communications Panel

TVE can provide and install custom communication panels consisting of a secure & weathertight enclosures for cell/sat modems, radios, network gear & switches and fiber patch panels.  



TVE can custom design and integrate DC UPS systems with battery    backup for many applications. These systems can be designed as general purpose or hazardous area locations. 


Process - Gas Measurement

TVE can design and install process control panels for gas sampling         equipment or process control equipment. TVE also designs and builds solenoid shut down panels for gas systems in the event of gas leaks.

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