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Field Services

Teays Valley Engineering offers a wide variety of field services, including commissioning, PLC/RTU/HMI installation, programming and startup.  TVE also offers analyzer and instrumentation installation, calibration, and startup.  TVE offers communication installation and networking, including radio, cellular and satellite.  Other services include remote and backup power installation systems, such as backup generators, solar and UPS systems.

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TVE offers a broad range of commissioning services, including commissioning lead, instrument installation, calibration, startup and documentation.  TVE technicians have several client-required Op Quals.

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TVE offers programming, configuration, installation and startup  of various brands of PLCs, RTUs, and HMIs.  Some examples include Allen Bradley, ThermoFisher, Bristol, Eagle, ABB, Rockwell, Intellution, Red Lion, Wonderware and Delta V.

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Process Analyzers

TVE offers installation and commissioning of H2S, H2O, O2 analyzers, as well as gas chromatographs. TVE also offers installation of various sampling  and conditioning systems.  Some examples include ABB, Daniels, Emerson, SpectraSensors, Mustang and Welker.

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TVE offers installation, calibration and commissioning services for a wide variety of instrumentation, including static pressure, temperature, differential pressure, multi variable, meters (USM, turbine, rotary), DVC and OPP systems.

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TVE can perform site surveys to evaluate for cellular radio or satellite service requirements.  TVE offers installation and commissioning for various communications systems.

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TVE offers calibration services for various devices and instrumentation.  TVE provides documentation for all calibrations.

Wireless Instrumentation

TVE designs and installs instrumentation to match your project needs. Sometimes it is more cost effective to utilize wireless instrumentation. Where wireless instruments can be used and are desired, TVE proudly utilizes the Rosemount line of wireless instrumentation.

Heat Tracing and Insulation

TVE designs heat tracing systems and installs them to protect your process from freezing. Both self-limiting and constant wattage tracing can be utilized to maintain your minimum required temperature.

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