Video Wall

TVE can design and install a video wall to match your specific needs.

The project pictured at the right included replacement of four video walls to support a project driven by Covid-19 and the legislators' distancing requirements.


Existing video displays would not support the display of voting data from the SQL database as required. The replacement video displays had to support the custom application; and also fit unobtrusively in a limited space of odd dimension. The design and installation work performed by TVE enabled the customer to complete testing before the deadline and at budget.

Additionally, on this project, replacement of legacy WV Legislature voting equipment was needed. An interface to the microphone control equipment from the voting equipment was also needed. TVE developed a custom software application to support the project requirements, making the project a success.

TVE will work with your team to understand your large format video needs. We will develop a solution to match your needs.


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PLC rack in photo above was intentionally installed upside down.