Recent Projects

TC Energy Flow Computer Upgrades

•  This project includes upgrading the network equipment and replacement of the Flow Computer (RTU) and 24 V. power supply. The RTU uses the newer AGA-8 equation. Many sites were migrated in a similar manner in 2020 for this customer.

Nisource - TC Energy EGM Buildings

•  This project was to design / build a portable building to house a natural gas analyzer (Gas Chromatograph). In this project, the building was a single compartment of 8 X 12 foot dimension. 

Aspire Energy Engineering, Panel Fabrication, and Commissioning Work

•  Several projects were Engineered, and the Control panels fabricated in our panel shop. Commissioning efforts for these projects will continue in 2021.

TC Energy Field Network Upgrade

•  This project replaced the networking equipment  at this site from antennas to the network switch. Security improvements and standardization was achieved at this site. Many more sites were installed in like manner in 2020 for this customer.

TC Energy Field Site Commissioning

•  Project Management and audit management for project upgrades to several sites including CoCo, Laurel, and Wellington.

West Virginia State Legislature

•  Replace video walls and provide a voting system and microphone interface for the WV House of Delegates.

This project was completed to support Covid-19 distancing requirements for the upcoming 2021 legislative session.