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• P&ID design

• Control Philosophy development

• Cause & Effect matrix

• Control Network Diagram

• Remote I/O location

• Control Redundancy

• Safety Device location

• Grounding design

• Control system I/O lists

• Control system wiring design

• SCADA communication design

• SCADA points list

• Software Development

• Software simulation

• Control Panel design

• MCC design

• Power Design

• Electrical design

• Conduit/Cable Schedule

• Drive configuration

• Network security

• Data Historian configuration

• Alarm handling

• Loop diagrams

• System Integration

• CADD drawing

• Remote power supply/UPS

• Industrialized Structures

• Project material procurement

• Project Management

Teays Valley can team with your Engineers to develop your project from a controls and electrical perspective, so that the end result meets your expectations.


The Engineering design for your site should be done up-front, to minimize your construction and on-going costs. Too often, this critical element to a project gets short-cutted. Good up-front Engineering saves time and money during the construction and commissioning of your site.


Teays Valley can provide Engineering support during your project. Our experienced Engineers will help you develop your project to meet industry standards and regulations; as well as help you develop your project to meet your needs. TVE has many years of experience, and can help you ask the right questions.

Some of the tasks involved in designing many compressor stations include: